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Фотограф Ростов
Фотосессии Ростов на Дону, Фотограф Роостов на Дону, Фотошкола Ростов на Дону, Фотосессии Ростов на Дону

Photographing products for advertising and promotion

- Staged still lifes Shooting products on a white background or green screen

- Collages

- Fashion photo sessions with models

- Shooting clothes, goods and accessories on models Advertising portrait photography

- Fashion shooting for catalogs, exhibitions, shops

- Staged portrait

- Plein air field Photography in the style of "nude"

Reportage photography

- Photography of business meetings, summits, exhibitions, meetings, negotiations

- Photographing events, corporate events, Proms, private parties

- Reportage video of the above events

Видеограф Ростов

Advertising video shooting

- Products, direct advertising, interviews

- Staged video

- Shooting clips

- Shooting video reviews

- Video editing

- Graphics Private video shooting

- Walks, your events

- Celebrations

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